World Cup 2011 Homepage

A very big welcome!

Fellow Blood Bowl Coaches,
It is with great pride that we welcome you to the Blood Bowl World Cup II, and to the spiritual home of this great game, Amsterdam!

We welcome more than 480 coaches from over 14 countries to this year’s World Cup, which will surely make this the greatest Blood Bowl event ever held!In the face of such overwhelming numbers, can Planlos once again rise to the top and reclaim his crown?  What of Lez Azes, deserving team champions from four years ago, can they stage a repeat performance??
There is only one way to find out!  Be there!!

Did you know:

  • that Amsterdam was the home of the first ever Eurobowl?  It originally started out as a small team competition between the Dutch and Belgian players, but then the French, Italian, Spanish and German coaches all decided it was too good a party to miss as well!  The Eurobowl is now, many years later, one of the largest team competitions in the Blood Bowl world?
  • That at Tulips II in Amsterdam, former NAF President Deathwing consumed so much alcohol that he left his beautiful Amazon team, Deathwing’s Dykes, in the back of a taxi and they were never seen again??  Little does Woody know they are currently working in the red light district and are not dykes at all!!