BUBBLE Tournament 2516

When: 3 and 4 september 2015

Where: De korenbeurs, Utrecht.

Time schedule:
  • Saturday: 11:00. Venue opens at 10:30. We'll play three games this day. Estimated end time: 18:00
  • Sunday 12:30. Venue opens at 12:00 We'll play two games this day. Estimateed end time: 17:00

Team creation: 1.000.000 gold. Please create your team on this site if you have an account. If you dont have an account, get in touch and I'll make you one. Alternatively email me your roster.

Tournament format: progression. So, we have full pre and post game sequences including inducements, missing games, buying players, earning star player points. The only way we deviate from the standard rules is by having the MVP chosen by the coach.

Top tip: Plasmoids CRP Inducement document

Registration: m.schaake@gmail.com

  • Q: Will there be Special Play Cards available?
    A: Yes. There will be a few decks which can be used. If you have a set, please bring it,
  • Q: Are star players allowed as part of your staring team?
    A: No. Star players are only available as inducements.
  • Q: CAn you roster your inducements?
    A: No. Inducements will be chosen in the pre game sequence. You are not required to spend the full 1 million, so you can aim for inducements from game 1.
  • Q: What happens when a star player is hired by both coaches?
    A: He plays for neither team.
  • Q: Can you buy safe your money for game 5?
    A: Yes, you're free to safe up your money and use your petty cash in game 5!